“We Have A Little Emergency”

WHALE™ is an identification program that started in the early 1990’s by Connie Day, a child caregiver in Virgina, who wondered what would happen to the children in her care in the even to a car crash.  The program is now recognized and used by emergency personnel in 34 states.

In the event of a serious accident and the caregiver of a child passenger is seriously injuried and unable to talk, emergency personnel have no easy way of identifying the child or his/her special needs – WHALE provides emergency responders with vital information that can help rescue efforts go more smoothly. 

Sometimes, just knowing the child’s name can help emergency responders comfort a frightened child, while knowing whom to contact in an emergency allows responders to notify parents or the next closest relative right away.

That’s when WHALE™ – “We Have a Little Emergency” can make a difference.

How does WHALE™ work?
All you need to do is complete an information card and place it in the plastic self-adhesive holder which adheres to the back of the child safety seat and put the self-adhesive stickers on your rear side car windows and on the sides of the child seat.

For more information on WHALE™ please contact:  Division Chief Kevin Murphy or visit their website at www.whaleprogram.org/.