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Free Child Safety Seat Clinic

- May 16th, 2017 -

Each year thousands of young children are killed or injured in-car crashes. The proper installation and use of car seats will help keep children safe.

On Thursday May 25th there will be a Car Seat Clinic at Dollar Tree (2191 S. St Rd 46, Terre Haute, In) from 11:30 am- 2:30 pm.

Certified technicians will help parents and caregivers learn to install and use their child safety restraints properly. No appointment is required, just drop by during the event. Each car seat check will take about 30-minutes. The last car will be accepted at 2:15 pm unless demand necessitates an earlier cut off time.  Because parents and caregivers have different levels of confidence when it comes to using and installing child safety seats this clinic has something for everyone.  The 30 minute child safety seat check is intended to be an interactive learning experience from a certified technician so parents and caregivers can feel more comfortable installing and using their car seats.

As part of the clinic, parents are urged to register their car seats by mailing in the consumer registration card or by using manufacturer’s website. By registering your car seat, the manufacturer has the ability to contact consumers about recalls and safety notices.   As a parent, you are your kids’ strongest influence when it comes to modeling safe driving practices, including buckling up every time you get in the car. Teach your family that safety is the responsibility of all passengers as well as the driver.

Hot Weather Precautions

- May 15th, 2017 -

Severe heat may cause illness or even death. When temperatures rise to extreme highs, reduce risks by taking the following precautions to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke:

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A Visit From NFPA’s Dan Doofus

- May 1st, 2017 -

2017 Junior Fire Camp

- May 1st, 2017 -

The Vigo County Junior Fire camp is a three day daytime camp that targets children ages 11-12 who have an interest in the fire service. Camp is open to children from Vigo and surrounding counties.

During the three day camp the campers get an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the fire service and get to interact with real firefighters.

Campers will have the opportunity to spray water from a fire hose, crawl through a blacked out maze, roll and unroll fire hose, and use a real fire extinguisher to put out a real fire. Campers will also learn about the different types of fire trucks, the tools they carry, basic first aid, hands only CPR and much more.

All of the activities are designed to be fun and imitate skills and tasks that real firefighters use every day. One of the biggest parts of camp is teamwork. Having a successful outcome as a firefighter requires well-rounded teamworking skills.

We hope to see you this summer!

If you are interested in your child participating in this excellent opportunity, please visit their website at

Swimming This Summer?

- April 30th, 2017 -

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 260 children under five years of age drown each year in residential swimming pools and spas.  The Commission estimates that another 3,000 children under age five are treated in hospital emergency rooms following submersion accidents each year.  Some of these submersion accidents result in permanent brain damage.

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Child Safety Seat Program Saves Lives

- April 25th, 2017 -

Honey Creek and Riley Fire Departments are promoting a child passenger safety public service geared to protect Hoosier children’s lives on the nation’s highways.

Honey Creek and Riley Fire Departments have been operating permanent child safety seat inspection stations since 2007.  These permanent child safety seat inspection stations are staffed by nationally certified child passenger safety seat technicians who will inspect car seats and instruct families how to properly secure them in their vehicles.  Appointments can be made with the technicians during normal business hours.

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Have You Made Your Smart911 Profile Yet???

- March 8th, 2017 -

Watch the videos below for more information. Residents of Vigo County are extremely lucky to have this program available to them and the dispatchers who receive their calls for help.

Ever Thought About Home Fire Sprinklers?

- February 3rd, 2017 -