Fire Chief:  Matt McCullough

Deputy Chief of Operations:  Brad Greiner

Captain:  James McDermott

Lieutenant:  Tim Rader

Lieutenant:  Chris McBride

Division Chief of Training:  Rob Lund

Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services:  Jeremy Luther

Division Chief of Public Information:  Kevin Murphy

Division Chief of Safety:  Shawn Husband

Firefighter/Paramedic: Liz Adams

Firefighter/EMT:  Kaleb Baker

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Emmy Bowland

Firefighter/EMT:  Jeff Cantrell

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Ted Cline

Firefighter/EMT:  Lorna Dohm

Firefighter/Paramedic: Chris Fisher

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Danielle Fisher

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Rachel Harris

Firefighter/EMT:  Tom High

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Hidekatsu “Kaji” Kajitani

Firefighter/EMT:  Jennifer Mathas

Firefighter/EMT:  Michael May

Firefighter/EMT:  Angel McDermott

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Jeremy Peter

Firefighter/Paramedic: Kyle Rhynd

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Amy Shelton

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Mike Shelton

Firefighter/EMT:  Heather Stevens

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Jonathan Stevens

Firefighter/Paramedic:  Caleb Talpas

Firefighter/EMT:  Jesse Williams

Firefighter/EMT:  Mark Williams